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IELTS Academic has partnered with to bring you up to 50% off IELTS courses worldwide!

Studying online is great up to a point, but you’ll benefit much more by taking an IELTS course at an established language school. If the school is located in an English-speaking country, you’ll be using English everyday both in and out of class, and you’ll pick up the language much more quickly as a result.

The problem is that schools can be expensive, especially when you include the cost of accommodation. Sometimes there are so many extra charges that you have no idea how much you’ll need to pay until you arrive at your school.

Here at IELTS Academic, we want to help you find affordable IELTS courses and remove the mystery of how your fees are calculated. That’s why we’ve partnered with our pals at to bring you big discounts on IELTS courses worldwide.


So how does it work?

At you can browse courses at schools in more than 20 countries including the UK, USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malta, Ireland, Malaysia and the Philippines.

Once you find a school you like, you can view detailed information about where you’ll be studying and living – right down to whether or not you’ll have a TV in your room.

Prices are broken down clearly into tuition, room rates and school admin fees. If there are any addition costs – such as textbook fees – you’ll be told in advance.

But the best bit is this: because is a 100% online service, they’re able to offer amazing discounts of up to 50%.

How to find an IELTS course in three steps

  1. Go to and select ‘Language Schools’ from the top menu.
  2. Search for ‘English Exam Preparation’ plus the country where you want to study and for how long.
  3. In the search results, check each course to confirm that IELTS is included, the number of hours you’ll be studying per week (very important!) and what the accommodation options are.

Search for discount IELTS courses at

Benefits you’ll enjoy

  • Detailed information on more than 800 language courses worldwide.
  • Language school profiles available in seven languages.
  • Get a price for your tuition and accommodation immediately.
  • Get huge discounts unavailable elsewhere – including discounts of up to 50% on IELTS courses.
  • You pay only a small booking fee at first. The rest is payable when you begin your course.
  • You pay your fees direct to the school so there are no financial risks.

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