Do You Make These 8 Common Mistakes in IELTS?

Common IELTS Mistakes

Everyday I get messages from people who want to know why their IELTS score doesn’t improve. Often they have NO IDEA that their writing or speech is incomprehensible, or that their methods in listening or reading are all wrong! Why does this happen? Well, for one thing, it shows the importance of studying with a teacher […]

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IELTS Listening: Essential Skills and Strategies

IELTS Listening Skills

By IELTS Academic, bringing you success in IELTS™ and Academic English with weekly free content and IELTS Practice Tests available worldwide. Listening skills are fundamental to success in IELTS Listening: that’s obvious enough! But it’s not exactly obvious what listening skills are. This article describes the six most effective IELTS Listening skills for improving your […]

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Common Spelling Mistakes in IELTS

Spelling is huge concern for my IELTS students. Writing scores are 25% determined by vocabulary, which includes spelling accuracy. Too many spelling mistakes can also seriously bring down your score in IELTS Listening. This list of common IELTS spelling mistakes includes some of the words most likely to appear in the test. Try to master these […]

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