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Our personal statement editing service includes an expert review and professional editing to give you the best chance of gaining a place at university.


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Sometimes called an application essay or statement of purpose, the personal statement is a critical part of your university application.

IELTS TeacherAs I explain in my guide to writing a personal statement, not only is it your main chance to explain your reason for applying, it is taken very seriously by the university admissions office as evidence of your past achievements, your commitment to the course, and your English writing ability.

Put simply, you do not want to spend years working hard to improve your English and your GPA, only to fail to get your place at university due to a badly written or ineffective personal statement.

I have reviewed thousands of personal statements written by students hoping to enter top global universities such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL, MIT, Keio, and Stanford. I have also discussed the role of the personal statement with university admissions officers as part of my work in higher education. As a result, I’ve reached some conclusions about what an effective personal statement is and isn’t.

Take no chances with your personal statement!

Now I’d like to share this knowledge with you and improve your chances of getting a university place. My personal statement editing service consists of a two-stage process.

In the first stage, your personal statement is reviewed to ensure that it:

  • Gives a clear reason for applying
  • Indicates your strong interest in the subject
  • Highlights your best traits and achievements
  • Explains how you meet the entry requirements
  • Explains how the course will help you in future
  • Presents a logical argument
  • Supports claims with evidence
  • Includes all necessary information
  • Does not include irrelevant information

In the second stage, your personal statement is professionally edited so that it contains no errors, sounds persuasive, and looks outstanding.

How it works

1. Purchase the personal statement editing service on this site. Book now»

2. Upload the first draft of your personal statement to Google Drive and share with You can also email it as a Microsoft Word attachment.

3. Your expert adviser will review your statement, suggest improvements, and ask you to revise it.

4. Once revised, your statement is given a final professional edit and is ready to be included with your university application.


Is there a maximum number of words?

Your personal statement should not exceed 1000 words.

Does the personal statement editing cover other documents such as a CV or research proposal?

You can include material from other application documents as along as the total number of words does not exceed 1000.

Is there any guide to help me write my first draft?

Please read How to Write a Personal Statement for Any University Course.

How long will it take to get my finalised personal statement?

The review and the final edit each take no more than 48 hours, so the whole process can be done in four days, depending how long you need to make the revisions.

Will the personal statement editing service increase my chances of being accepted to university?

It will, as long as you meet the university’s own entry requirements. In case you’re not satisfied for any reason, we offer a full money-back guarantee.

cropped-IELTS-Academic-Logo.jpgBy IELTS Academic, bringing you success in IELTS™ and Academic English with weekly free content and IELTS Practice Tests available worldwide.

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