Which Countries Are Crazy About IELTS?

Thousands of students worldwide use to succeed at IELTS and enter top global universities. By analysing global traffic to the site, we can also predict which countries are most enthusiastic about IELTS and most interested in study abroad.

IELTS Academic Views by Country September 2015

The world map shows which countries were the most popular source of visitors to the website during September 2015. The table below gives the exact number of views from each of the top ten countries.

India tops the list with more than 10,000 views during September, which is evidence of a strong interest in overseas study among Indians.

Though IELTS is usually associated with the UK and Australia, it’s surprising to find that there were more visitors from the USA (8,962) than from the UK and Australia combined (3,396 and 3,262 respectively). This is surely evidence that IELTS is rapidly gaining in popularity Stateside.

The website also proved to be extremely popular in Vietnam with over 6,000 views during September, making it the second largest source of visitors in Asia after India. This could be evidence that more and more Vietnamese students will venture abroad in the near future.

Finally, the website received no visits at all from Iceland, North Korea, and several countries in West Africa and central South America, showing a low interest in study abroad in those parts of the world.

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