Frequently Asked Questions IELTS Speaking

IELTS Speaking: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The questions below are among those most frequently asked about the Speaking module of IELTS. If you are looking for basic information about the structure of the Speaking module, you should probably read IELTS Speaking: Introduction first.

How many questions will I be asked?

In Parts 1 and 3, the examiner will have a set of questions but you will not be asked all of them. The number of questions will depend on the length of your answers. The longer your answers, the fewer questions you will be asked. In Part 2, the question is given to you on a card. You will also be asked one or two simple questions at the end of Part 2.

How long should I speak for in Part 1?

There is no limit, but the question usually asks for only one piece of information. It is therefore best to give this information and add an extra sentence or two.

In Part 2, do I need to keep talking for two minutes?

No. It may be better to finish within two minutes for several reasons. First, you do not really want to be interrupted by the examiner. Second, your response will be more coherent if you end with a firm concluding sentence such as So, that’s why (restate question topic). Third, you are more likely to make mistakes if you keep talking beyond what you planned to say. A candidate who answers the question fully in 90 seconds can easily receive a higher score than one who speaks for the full two minutes and has to be stopped.