Frequently Asked Questions IELTS Writing

IELTS Writing: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The questions below are among those most frequently asked about the Writing module of IELTS. If you are looking for basic information about the structure of the Writing module, you should probably read IELTS Writing: Introduction first.

What’s the difference between the General Training Writing module and the Academic Writing module?

In the General Training version of IELTS, Task 1 requires you write a letter. In the Academic version of IELTS, Task 1 requires you to write a report on a diagram. In both versions of the test, Task 2 is the same: a discursive essay.

What should I write in the introduction to Task 1 of the Academic Writing module?

The introduction should describe the diagram or data overall. This usually means paraphrasing the question, i.e. restating the question in other words. Try to include all important information such as time periods, countries and other important divisions in the data. If there is a clear main feature, you can point this out in the introduction too. Otherwise, save your descriptions of these features for the body paragraphs.

Why is it so important to paraphrase the question?

If you repeat the question word-for-word in your introduction, these words will not be counted as your own and your word count will be lower as a result. You should always change at least a few words in the questions or rewrite it completely.