IELTS course online

Free IELTS Course Online from the British Council

{{unknown}}Are you looking for a free IELTS course online? Do you want to learn from a senior IELTS teacher at the British Council? As you’re here, the answer to both questions is probably Yes! You may have heard lots of talk about MOOCs in recent years. MOOCs – or Massive Open Online Courses – allow free access to learning for anyone with an internet connection. The British Council has teamed up with FutureLearn to offer a six-week course in IELTS. Understanding IELTS: Techniques for English Language Tests…

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IELTS Speaking Practice Test 3: Family

Part 1 (4-5 minutes) How large or small is your family? What do you do together as a family? Who are you closest to in your family? Is yours a typical family? Are there many different types of family in your country? Part 2 (3-4 minutes) You have 1 minute to read the instructions in the box and prepare an answer. You can make notes. After your preparation time has ended, please speak for 1 to 2 minutes on this topic. Describe a famous family…

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Top Ten Questions for an IELTS Teacher

Ten of the best questions submitted to Ask an IELTS Teacher this year: Question from Kyaw in Myanmar: I don’t know how to handle “other” in line graph caption. What does “other” mean? Answer: This is a very good question, thank you. First of all, you don’t need to speculate about what’s meant by ‘other’. Often the ‘other’ category will account for only a very small percentage of results, so it may not even be necessary to mention it in your answer. Question from Hoda in Iran: Is…

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IELTS Reading: Essential Skills and Strategies

Do you get frustrated when you don’t understand an English word or can’t figure out the meaning of a sentence? Stop stressing! In fact, it’s possible to get a very high score in IELTS Reading without fully understanding a passage or many of the words within. Mastering a few basic skills and strategies, some of which you probably already use in your first language, is the key to success in IELTS Reading. Important: The article assumes you are familiar with the IELTS Reading test format.…

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IELTS Listening: Essential Skills and Strategies

Listening is probably the easiest section of IELTS to make a rapid improvement in if you master a few basic strategies. Before taking the IELTS test, be aware of the skills and strategies below and give yourself opportunities to practice them. Important: The article assumes you are familiar with the IELTS Listening test format. If you aren’t, read IELTS Listening: Introduction first. Predicting Use the short time before the listening passage begins to scan the questions. What type of information does each one ask for?…

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Do I Need an IELTS Teacher?

One of the first questions an IELTS candidate must ask is: Do I need a teacher’s help or can I go it alone? As an IELTS teacher, you’d expect me to have a biased view on this! But seriously, there are many important benefits you gain by studying with a teacher. Here are some: A teacher can help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses. Sometimes we aren’t good at identifying the areas in which we need to improve. IELTS test-takers will often say they feel…

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IELTS Writing Answer Sheet 1

IELTS Writing Answer Sheet: Free Download

Introducing a practice version of the official IELTS Writing answer sheets modified for teacher/student use and available as a free PDF download! Some of the features that make the practice version superior for both teachers and students: Keep track of student work with fields for name, class, teacher and date 12-point double-spaced lines for easier correction and annotation Full scoring rubric and space for marker feedback Download the IELTS Writing Answer Sheet (Practice Version)

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IELTS Listening: TED x IELTS: Why Is ‘X’ the Unknown?

Questions 1-5 (Summary completion) Write no more than one word for each answer. The Arabic language is extremely 1. _________________________. Because each part of a sentence is very precise and informative, constructing a sentence in Arabic is bit like writing an 2. _________________________. This partly explains many so-called Western sciences such as mathematics and 3. _________________________ actually have their origins in the Middle East. For example, the English word ‘algebra’ has Arabic roots. Many kinds of Middle-Eastern wisdom arrived in Europe via 4. _________________________, where…

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IELTS Reading: 10 Tips for Teachers

Just like speaking practice, reading lessons can be communicative and rewarding. The tips below suggest ways to encourage better test performance while giving students opportunities to work in groups. Note: These tips assume that students are being prepared for the Academic IELTS reading module in small groups, but most are adaptable to one-on-one teaching situations. 1. Teach anything important BEFORE students see the text! Once you allow students to look at a reading text and/or questions you may find it a struggle to maintain their…

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