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Do You Know This IELTS Vocabulary?

These ten sentences highlight key IELTS vocabulary by topic. For each word that you know, give yourself one point. Then check the scoring guide at the end to understand how good your IELTS vocabulary really is!


Business Studies is included as a subject in the school (1) curriculum at (2) secondary level in some countries, while in other countries it is only taught at (3) tertiary level.


Some (4) historians believe that there are ancient (5) civilisations whose (6) archaeological ruins have yet to be found.


Environmental pressure groups are opposed to the (7) destruction of forests and (8) campaign for their (9) conservation instead.


When travelling overseas, it is important to understand local (10) customs and avoid (11) offending your hosts. Follow this rule and you can be a wonderful (12) ambassador for your country.


Animal testing in (13) laboratories is wrong, even when it leads to the development of new (14) treatments for human (15) diseases.


The music industry is in crisis due to the (16) widespread (17) illegal downloading of songs which has led to a (18) collapse in sales of CDs.


(19) Spectators at sporting events should be (20) banned from stadiums if they are found guilty of making (21) abusive gestures.


When media (22) ownership is (23) consolidated in too few hands, it becomes harder for people to hear a (24) diversity of opinions.


When victims of crime visit (25) detention centres, this can often (26) deter criminals from (27) committing crimes in future.


Some people are so (28) addicted to their mobile (29) devices that they feel (30) anxious when separated from their phone for even a short time.

IELTS vocabulary scoring guide

26-30 points: Word wizard! You are ready to show your stuff in IELTS! But how many of these 30 words do you actually use? (IELTS 8-9)

20-25 points: Good enough to go! You know enough IELTS vocabulary to understand most of what you will read or hear in the test. Be sure to learn the words you didn’t know. (IELTS 6-7)

10-19 points: Getting there! You know some useful vocabulary for IELTS but it would help to study more before taking the test. (IELTS 4-5)

0-9 points: Time to learn up! Academic IELTS may be too difficult for people who don’t know most of these words. (IELTS 0-3)


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